Bienvenue welcome Willkommen:

Bienvenue sur le forum des agents en position de non-activité de l'OEB (invalidité).
Welcome to the EPO non-active staff forum (invalidity)
Willkommen in das Forum der in den nicht-aktiven Dienst (Invalidität) versetzten EPA Angestellten. Tags: inactivity, inactivité, Inaktivität, invalidité, invalidity, Invalidität, non-actif, non-active, nicht-aktiv, EPO, EPA, OEB, invalides, invalids, Invaliden, inactif, inactive, inaktiv.

Bienvenue welcome Willkommen:

Messagepar admin » Sam 21 Oct 2000 2:01 am

Just a few hints on how to use the forum.

First of all you need to register. On the main page there is a link "register". Please follow the link, choose a name , fill the form as you please and give a valid e-mail address.

In case of problems contact me: Webmaster.inactives (at) I will be glad to help you (use @ instead of (at)).

Forum languages are any of the 3 official EPO languages.
The forum is exclusively to be used by non-active EPO staff members recipient of the invalidity allowance. The participants therefore need to be identified as such.
For clear privacy reasons the forum is kept private: only registered members may read and post messages.
Any suggestion will be welcome !

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