Taxation of invalidity allowance

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Taxation of invalidity allowance

Messagepar admin » Jeu 25 Mars 2010 2:02 am

you probably are aware of it. The sad news is that the German authorities have decided to tax our invalidity allowance, which means de facto double taxation. The office has promised legal support but nothing comes from this side. The first cases of taxation are now declared. Does anyone among you know more details about this problem. I have a document issued by the german ministry. In case of interest I will be pleased to provide you with a copy.
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Taxation DE

Messagepar Phenix » Sam 12 Fév 2011 11:26 pm

Did you actually get a bill payable within 30-days or so? Did you inform the Office and what happened then? In NL they did sent bills since 2008, but they never enforced payment sofar...':?'
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